man - Friday n., pl. men Friday or men Fridays.
An efficient, faithful aide or employee. a most helpful and indispensable assistant.

Synonyms: right-hand man, chief assistant.


[After Friday, a character in Robinson Crusoe, a novel by Daniel Defoe.] 

‘FREITAGMANN’ or ‘Man-Friday’ in German stands for a concept borrowed from ‘The Life and strange and surprising Adventures of Robinson Crusoe‘ an English novel by William Defoe, often considered as the first English novel. ‘Man-Friday’ is usually a person who specialises in a variety of tasks, so much so, that one cannot allocate a specific job position to that person. 


The firm attempts to evolve professionally competent, cost efficient solutions, bringing these design intensive, fantastic solutions, within short reach of a segment, which deserve professional services of professionals, but is often unable to.


Freitagmann is composed of a group of dedicated, young and dynamic group of designers, structural engineers and construction engineers who see every project as a challenge and every challenge achievable. Though specialising in the design and engineering of tensile structures, the firm preoccupies itself immensely in the concept of Leichtbauflachentragwerke (lightweight design) which forms a basis of their inquiry into geodesics, organic structures, tensigrity and foldable structures.


Besides working on real live projects, we also involve ourselves in researching and developing new and methods of bringing these technologies into the mainstream.